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Wow, I've been WAITING for this day for months! Or maybe even more than a year.

I didn't have this idea in mind that entire time though. I cooked it up shortly after the 4th. So for most of the year I was like "Dude. I've GOT to do a comic on the 777th, but I don't know what over!" Hearing how people were going wild over gambling and hoping that the day would give them that extra boost gave me the idea I needed!

It does make me wonder why iRO doesn't have any real gambling games. I even asked around to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything before I did this comic. Really, the only games where you do any kind of gambling are the apple dice game on the Republic Airlines' domestic airship (shown here), and Hugel's monster races. That's just as of this writing, but Comodo's been around for years. You'd think they'd've put in some games already. Maybe they're too worried about economic inflation, but casinos tend to be a good sinkhole for cash given the tendency of people to go too far.

I don't think I've ever heard of any kind of "casino game" played quite like the one on the airship. I'm sure it exists. It's like a dice adaption of Blackjack after all, but I just don't recall ever seeing this among the slot machines and craps/poker/
blackjack tables of casinos.

To be honest I can't recall which other MMOs have casinos, either. Actually, I DO know that Phantasy Star Universe's expansion, "Ambitions of Illmuinus," has a full-on casino that rivals Comodo in grandeur (Casino Voyale). Unlike Comodo though, it's actually playable by players.

Trying to draw the airship as seen in RO is kinda hard, especially from THIS angle. I couldn't find any good artwork that showed the front like that, and it's hard to find places in RO where you can good camera shots of the airships that are docked in the various cities. It's funny, though, how far and away these ships are from the ones seen in the original graphic novels—and at least in the Tokyopop translation they were called "skyships" (this is probably just the editor's artistic liscence, like how Payon was translated as "Fayon"). If you haven't read the novels, this is what those airships look like. Oh, and yes—in the novels, the airships are crewed by reindeer. Not just the captain as we see in RO, but every crewmember is a reindeerman. He also uses a pistol to fend off an attack on the airship by gremlins, for those people who complain loudly about "guns and technology corrupting RO's fantasy image."

I'm looking at you, RagnaInfo.

Oh, and the novels depicted Payon's guards using a wall of cannons, and Prontera's forces using cannons of their own versus the undead ... and let's not forget that high-tech looking support system that kept the Heart of Ymir aloft in (spoiler).

Ahem. Sorry. Got a little overboard, just pains me that people don't recall any of this from the original novels that Ragnarok Online is based on. Myung-Jin Lee, if you're reading this, WHY DID YOU STOP MAKING THE NOVELS ANYWAY?! Seriously, you left the series hanging at a cliffhanger! For years! When 2012 rolls around, it will have been a full decade since you last published a novel!

Comic #312

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