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As time goes on, a lot of RW's comics tend to be zany fictional adventures of me and the rest of the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard. (Someone once thought CoRM meant "Children of Rune-Midgard." On one hand, that sounds kinda cool, but on the other, it makes all sound like ... muppet babies. I AM NOT JIM HENSON'S ILLEGITIMATE SON!!!1~! *cough* Er ... I mean, uh, heh. Hi!) This is a comic that's actually happened of late. Well ... I might have exaggerated a little, but it really happened! The group I went with to Turtle Island's palace (AKA TI4) was Kiniro, Ryurai, and Maeryl. Not all at once, mind you, it was pretty much three people at all times including me.

Poor Ryurai. He had the hardest time with those Wanderers ... of course, this kinda sucked too. Since I went down there at a time when most everyone iRO had finished that part of the quest, I was alone with the entire map's monsters aggroing me. The majority of my five deaths were due to the lag hookshot and stunlock by the sheer amount of mobs hitting me—and they it was pretty much all before I was loaned that equipment for the duration of the quest. I really need to get some of this stuff. Truly I had no clue just how potent some cards are. Too bad that (as of this writing) a Raydric card is several tens of millions of zeny—and any +7 immune muffler is tens of millons more. I kinda wish I coulda stayed in that hidden dungeon longer—it was actually really awesome EXP once I became the Keanucolyte. (Which was inspired by one of the group saying I "went Keanu" on the mobs in revenge for what I had to go through finding that hidden treasure chest!)

Comic #313

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