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Just to watch everybody shift gears without the clutch (like my father does all the time), here's a comic that has almost nothing to do with Ragnarok Online! It's true though that I did see the Transformers movie this weekend—and I enjoyed it a lot. All things considered, Michael Bay and Steven Spielburg did the best they could with that helluva balancing act—even though it only wound up pleasing barely over half of its reviewers if IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes say anything about it. Maybe it's because I'm not a die-hard Transformers fan that I wasn't repulsed by the complete overhaul of the universe. Then again, how many times did Hasbro and Takara do that THEMSELVES? So many spinoffs and complete overhauls, why were so many Transformer fans upset?
Whiiiiich brings me to THIS comic. Reading up about Transformer stuff after seeing the movie, I discovered that bit of info—the Transformers spin-off that was never exported from Japan. Having just seen the Michael Bay movie—in which Bumblebee is a bit of a pervert (much like his "owner")—that brought on THIS mental image. People in the RW channel suggested that I take the idea and run with it, and that's what you see here! I'd say it was quite a shocking experience for Kawaii-chan, wouldn't you agree? Since we're talking about the Michael Bay Bumblebee—this sound clip seems most likely how he'd react to everyone's favorite Japanophile kissing him. You gotta admit that'd be handy though, having a robot that'd cast Lord of Vermillion every time a girl kissed it. The real Kiss Players series isn't ... exactly like that though, to my understanding ...

Comic #314

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