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Boy, writer's block has been smashing me in the face recently! I wonder if I could get Tristar or someone to make a mace out of writer's block. Think about it: +50% damage to writers of ALL types! It'd probably hurt them as much as it does me. ;_;
That aside, this is another one of those comics that I'm sort of late on where the subject is concerned, I suppose. I dunno, it's all in how you look at it. Of course, you're talking to the guy who did a 300 reference months after 300 came out, and referenced Transformers last week despite the movie's release on the 4th of July. Although admittedly I wasn't really THINKING of doing a Harry Potter-related joke; it just became the product of my brainstorming all day for a funny idea to work with. Well ... that and I was encouraged to work on it from an RW forum member daring me to do a Harry Potter reference after the previous comic. This was PROBABLY not what she had in mind, though! (There's Victoreet again, the wily bird.)
To be honest, I'm almost sure I saw an alchemist or biochemist in iRO Chaos once by the name of Hairy Potter. I wouldn't be surprised if there's already a lot of jokes about it—the name "Harry Potter" is a rich ore vein of punnage, but now that the series is ending, I bet it's mostly been tapped out.

Comic #315

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