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Technically, isn't Comodo still gameless? I haven't visited the place in a long time as of this comic, but the last time I was there, there was only that one NPC who was more like a toy crane vending machine than anything else. Which is kind of funny since many of the other cities have games of some sort—Izlude's challenge arena, Al de Baran's racing tracks, the airship apple dice gambling ... thing, and probably a few other games/gambling things I've forgotten about. I heard about a future update bringing Acolyte-based arenas to Lighthalzen, of all things. That's a weird one. I wonder what the deal is with that ...

As we all know, Nth Power isn't an engineer. Dashing? Fangirls say so. Engineer? Heck no—but what's a few forged degrees and resumes to say? Those oh so naive Hugel contractors. I was contemplating using a zeny knfie for the blueprint instead of a novice's knife, but casinos don't want people to make MORE money from payouts—and I assume it doesn't pop out of thin air. The Metalring already works in their favor, since it can cast Guard on itself and not give payouts at all! Or use Shield Reflect and damage the machine itself.

Anyway, zeny still hurts when applied forcefully to the forehead, as Novvy can attest!

Comic #319

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