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I've got a good reason for deliberately combining two update periods into one single comic, and that will become apparent as time marches on (at least from the point of time this was written!).

Four Ragnarok Wisdom cast members celebrate their birthdays in or right before September. Three of them are featured here; Lunaris, Rudolph Ravioli, and Nth Power.
It's actually kind of late/kind of early for two of the guys, but Lun's birthday was just yesterday, I believe.
Anyway, it looks like Nth Power might be putting that fake engineering degree to further use, since he's giving Lunaris a jack in the box here. Maybe his daddy was a mechanic? Or he studied under our buddy Sir Hawkeye.

... Or it could just be Rudolph Ravioli in another mind-breaking disguise. Maybe he's putting his Autobot degree to good use. 2007 Alumni of Transform And Roll Out University!

Ah, the Azoth. We haven't seen that toy in a while, have we?

Wait for it ...

Waaait for it ...


Indeed, it's true. The time has come where Lunaris finally turned into that which he fears/hates the most, like any good angsty 1990s comic book hero. Or possibly Vegi Bloodclaw. All you Prontera Parishoners will know what I mean! This comic ain't over, so the rambling will continue next week!

... Which is now this week, as of 09/09/07. Fun fact: For this half of the comic, I had Lunaris give me his ideal prank on Nth Power. You're about to see it for yourself. It's true, though, panaceas cure everything. Or should. Including gummi hell.
See, the thing about this comic is that it's covering three guys' birthdays whom all have wildly variant dates. Lunaris was born on the 31st of August. Rudolph Ravioli was born on the first of September, and Nth Power was born on the 3rd.
I swear that Nth Power's face here was not influenced by the 5555-hit pic I did towards the end of last month (ironically!).

... Yes, that's right. This is what Lunaris considers the perfect form of revenge for what Nth Power did to him. In his own words:
"I'll make him walk the plank over a pool of rabid man-eating porings and pushing him from spear-point. Of course, tied up with METAL WIRES and force him to wear a pink tutu!"
Seems like Rudolph Ravioli helped both guys "prank" the other from what he's doing there. Who knew he could morph into a giant bottle of scotch the color of his hat?

Comic #320

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