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Welp—as of comic 300 the RW website's going under a renovation. This was the first non-flash comic to use the new logo I made for RW. It's real too; back when I started RW I just grabbed the Ragnarok/RO logo and slapped a bunch of cheap photoshop filters on it, which isn't something you should do. Speaking of which, there's more than meets the eye to that coffee shop's logo! (Clearly it's the preferred brand of forging smiths everywhere). It's true though, people—Gravity has, all along, intended to introduce third level classes. What we've got, however, is not quite what was planned. Back before RO went gold, Gravity planned on having more than two second class choices for each first class. Ranger wasn't the third level class of an Archer; instead, it was a third option for Swordsmen to advance into. Personally I think it would've worked out better that way. A lot of the announced third level classes, however, take after those of the heroes in the graphic novels Ragnarok Online is based on. Rune Knight was Chaos' original job. Loki is an Assassin of the Cross. Fenris Fenrir is a Warlock. I'd've preferred Rune Knight to be a mage + swordsman second class for Swordsmen, and for the third level class to be Dragon Knight instead, but that's me ...

Comic #323

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