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Okay—this news is actually old even from the perspective of us iRO peoples. This client update came on the 9th of October when I was still actually paid up last, so I knew about it and that it was coming, but busy with the making of The Legend of Key-Fu 7: Burly Buddha Brawl. Murphy still got me in the family jewels though, and as of this comic I STILL need to finish the three pages of that thing due to, well, Murphy's cracking my jewels. You don't mess with Murphy. Anyway—what can I say about the client update? That it's much needed, I'll tell you that. Even though I try to get my own share of licks in as a permacolyte, I also try to be a strong supporter. I don't like PVP/WoE much so I don't feel the need to try and demonstrate that I can pwn other people as an Acolyte; as far as I'm concerned, Sniff the Raven showed a first level class can still fight and win against twinky elitist second (now rebirth) classes, considering he was a feared superswordie during his time of play. Though now with this update I think the only thing I could ask for out of Gravity is two things:
1) Some sort of Taekwon Mission bonus quest for first classers, to encourage a few more permafirsts in RO.
2) Mages and acolytes at least appearing as NPCs in Ragnarok II. RO1 Merchants appear there, for the Load's sake!

Comic #326

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