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This comic has no relation to that artwork Spinny drew of the default female Acolyte!

MaRuLaSh of pak0 fame (and also one of the guys behind RO Comic Central, author of the comic "An Epic Story") wanted to be in a comic sometime. Here's his chance—and yes, he liked this idea when he learned about it!

He wasn't the first to ask or suggest wanting to be in a RW comic, actually; one other guy who visited pak0 (a Thief class character) wanted a cameo in a Ragnarok Wisdom, too. He was probably the first guy ever to ask me. I had a comic idea involving that guy, even, based on a conversation I had with him involving nuclear jellopies.

But er...

When I went to do it, I forgot his name, and forgot to document it by way of either a screenshot or text file ...


Whoever and wherever you are, dude, I apologize. ;_;

I really abused the GIMP's blur tool on this one, didn't I?

Aside from giving that endless plain of grass a depth of field effect, I do have another reason for it! With JPG files, smooth transitions of colors make for a smaller file size given the way JPEG compression works.

So in a way, it's a good bandwidth saving technique!

But mostly it's just about a nice depth of field effect.

Speaking of depth of field effects!

MaRuLaSh really is like this! Such was confirmed by the people who know him most on iRO, the other guys who run RO Comic Central (that would be Daetuan, author of "Noob Shoes" and WarHamster, author of "Ragna-Life").

Though I guess he does have something of a point there. Male Blacksmiths and male Priests, of all the male classes, seem most geared toward fanservice for the women.

Though that doesn't cover invincibility ...

... as we see here!

Ooooh, that looks bad. Looks like you might need an Acolyte there, MaRuLaSh! Oh wait, I'm right next to you. Right. Just, uh ... just let me get my SP back first ... This might take an hour.

Also, Nth Power pointed out to me that this final panel is similar to one scene in another webcomic comic series known as Buttlord GT. I assure you, the similarity is purely coincidental!

Comic #33

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