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I gotta give props where it's due—this one was suggested by Lady Fury. Thanks, Madam Furious!

But I'll be honest, I'm really glad the mail system is back and (hopefully) fixed. Even in its bugged state I was happy to have it; it proved extremely useful for contacting people and sending items. It worked a lot like the mail system in World of Warcraft, if any WoW players read this webcomic.

Hmm ... you know, maybe I should get a new font. I'm looking at the text here and with some words, the spacing is kinda wonky. Actually, I heard Blambot released a "2.0" version of this font—Anime Ace. I oughta look into that! Maybe he saw the same spacing problems ...

Offhand, I couldn't remember if RO's postboxes got changed. Originally—as implied by the Raggler in the first panel—the postal service was entirely the purview (did I spell that right?) of, well, Ragglers. Turns out these same birds are the enemy you face in the beaches near Comodo.

A while ago—it might still be on the iRO website, I'll need to check—it was mentioned that those birds have a grudge against humans. No explanation as to why, but the Raggler enemies are apparently wounded veterans of a war between birds and humans. Wonky.

Comic #334

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