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We're nearing the big man's son's birthday, but out here in Texas it doesn't look anything like a white Christmas. I'd go as far as to bet this is close to what Aussies have during Christmastime. Meanwhile, other parts of the U.S.are getting hammered with ice storms. Eeugh.

With all the hubub about Thor's Volcano and Veins/Beins in iRO and the way it's changed things in the game (at least on a social level), it's kind of ironic that just this time last night the Discovery Channel was playing that BBC movie, Supervolcano. It has similar tones to The Day After Tomorrow, in a sense. Although, a volcano really WOULD bring about the disasters as quickly as seen in the flick. It kind of reminds me of Stephen Baxter's "Moonseed." That was an unnerving book, too.

The only thing is, I don't quite know if Thor's Volcano is an active vent like, say, real world active volcanoes. I would ASSUME it is. It might be more of the lava-pouring type, though, since that's the kind that most people think of when they hear the word "volcano."

Lava's not as scary as the other kind of stuff volcanoes spew out. What's scary is the pyroclastic flows and the ash that rains down afterwards. See, that ash that comes out of volcanoes is microscopic granules of pumice. It's powered ready-made cement. All you need to do is add water. Our bodies are mostly made of that stuff, so if you breathe it in ... Sidewalk for lungs. Why isn't Talien affected, though? Well, for one, he wasn't catching a mouthful of the stuff. The other reason: Kyrie Elesion. *sage nod*

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