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I opted to not do a flash movie this time around for Christmas because there was just no time for it. That and I don't have anyone handy with a singing voice that could've rendered this song for us!

Song parodies are common, I know that for sure—Weird Al is the king of them, and I might as well've taken a page from Sir Hawkeye when it comes to this! After all, he did a similar song for Ragnarok Online's last open beta (or was it the closed betas? I can't remember actually).

'Sup, Novvy. Keep climbing that rock. Go get 'em, tiger. And somesuch encouragement. Maybe even a demotivator.

You know, this DOES make me wonder why most MMORPGs and games don't allow for scaling of walls in some way. Well, actually, RO does allow for it, depending on class, but still. I guess it's because the rest of us would end up like Novvy here, without special climbing gear. Safety first, folks!

It's been asked quite a bit since Gunslingers came out—will Novvy turn into a Gunslinger and use gatling guns? Nope. Why not? Well, for one, he's after machine guns like the M-60, not gatling guns. Second, he doesn't even know how to class change and would always mess up/forget about it even if taught how (unlike superacos like me, who refuse to change class!). Third, Novvy the Gunslinger doesn't have the assonance that Novvy the Novice does.
I think most of us should be thankful that Snake's Headband isn't a findable item in RO. Sure, Gunslingers would rejoice over not having to buy bullets, but Novvy's rampage would never end. Scary, huh?

Comic #337

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