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Onwards to part 2! You know how it is when someone enters a room from a much brighter one/outside (if the house lights are off), and they're silhouetted from the effect? That's what I was going for there. Why is there light coming in when the panel speaks of Christmas Eve? Santa's presence gives off an aura of awesome several feet behind him. It's a wonder he manage to get into houses without everyone waking up from the light shining!

Was short on time, especially with wanting to take some time and enjoy the holiday, so I used the actual monster sprites of the Gryphon and Harpies here. I should've thrown in a Hill Wind or two for the heck of it. They're purdy birds. 'v'

I'm surprised PETA does not actually attempt things like this—at least insofar as suing MMO and game companies. Given the other antics they pull (or support), you'd think they'd scream bloody murder over games that "teach kids to mercilessly kill animals" or something like that. Yeah, I don't like PETA that much.

Note how Novvy is somehow leaning halfway out of his jail cell. No jail can hold Novvy for long. He will cluelessly escape from just about anything—except the stomach of, say, girls like Kawaii-chan. We had to use syrup of ipecac to get him out that time.

Comic #338

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