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Well, things definitely put me in a bind for this New Year's Eve. I was able to at least complete these two comics, although my other plans were pretty much blown out of the water by the failure of my computer. This isn't actually the error screen I kept getting; it's actually an error screen—a Red Screen of Death—from Windows Vista when it was Windows Longhorn. However, it's DOS/BIOS and it's red, so it fits. Almost as creepy as the errors I've been getting, too. You guys know the ATI Radeon video card series? Try running your computer with one of those, but without its power cable. Your computer won't even get past POST, it'll be hung on a flashing red BIOS error message saying "YOU HAVE NOT CONNECTED THE EXTERNAL POWER CABLE FOR YOUR (insert video card)!!!!" At least newer video cards are more gentle when they think they don't have enough power to run ... Happy New Year, guys. Hopefully 2008 goes better for me.

Comic #340

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