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I intended to release this one in late November/early December of last year, when PSU's expansion pack Ambitions of the Illuminus was coming stateside. Better late than never!

I actually don't know for SURE whether or not Abraham Lincoln coined this phrase. There's a lot of quotes out there that are attributed to the wrong person or are mis-quoted to the point that the original meaning is lost ... and I couldn't find any conclusive proof that Abraham Lincoln DIDN'T say this when I looked it up. That doesn't mean I have conclusive proof he DID, though. Boy, finding the truth behind a quote is confusing ... and you can quote me on that!

Each of the examples in this comic ACTUALLY HAPPENED. However, the people saying them in these comics are not representative of the people (or their characters) who uttered these inane quips. Partially it's because I couldn't tell you the name and characters of these goofballs as I don't remember, but it's also to avoid backlash from getting cameoed.

Although, honestly, the hecklers and trolls I'm mocking in this comic deserve all the scorn they can get. Especially the FOnewm I saw in the PSO:BB forums BEGGING for an infamous hacker group to tear Sega's servers down for not releasing Episode 4 during the beta. I don't think those color schemes are available in PSO, by the way. Okay, I take it back, these two yahoos deserve a lot of scorn too.

I don't know if the dude whining about the mail system was a bard, but the way he signed every post of his with that guitarist emote made me depict him this way. Art Board Lamer from ye olde history also stands in for the idiot I saw depicting the GMs urinating and crapping on the servers as part of their job just because of Sakray server problems Gravity LLC was having at the time. Oh, and UGH. Don't get me STARTED on the "easymode" whiners that've persisted on PSU community forums for months. I'd like to say I've grown numb to all this inane behavior by MMO players, but every time I see someone make an outrageous heckling/trollish remark, I feel the urge to drive my head through a hard surface ... as you can see here. For the sake of my brain, stop being stupid! Please!

Comic #343

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