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The first two thirds of this comic, I owe to Sniff. Why? Here's why!

In a similar vein to how I asked Lunaris how he would prank Nth Power back for his birthday comic last year, I asked the man himself what he would do at a press conference where Tristan was getting grilled for using "steroids" in the form of Kafra Shop items.

One thing's for sure, I'm never trusting HIM with a frying pan ever again. He sees everyone's brains as eggs!

Now, some of the peeps from South America might think I meant to insult them by covering their continent with a groin cup.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay combined have won more World Cups than anyone else. It makes sense to protect your most valued players! And in the sense of this comic ... that would mean you're the crown jewels of the soccer world!

'Tis point of pride for ya!

Comic #345

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