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Welp, another Valentine's Day rolls by. I'm glad I didn't have any reason to be outside today, and thus could get away from it all. I know there's folks out there who tell singles to "quit being angsty" and that Valentine's Day is a "cute holiday" that they should celebrate alongside couples who've found their soulmates ... but come on now! For anyone who's suffered prolonged rejection in the field of romance, I doubt there are few among them who can truly enjoy the holiday as a celebration of love. Like me, for instance—I've not been lucky once. It's been well documented in the past V-Day strips that I don't do well around excessive PDA, and I don't mean personal digital assistants, although I doubt I could breathe buried under a ton of those anyway.

So, I don't blame the people who are angsty on Valentine's Day—but I've heard of a group of singles named—I kid you not—"Couples Please Die." That is going entirely too far. I'm keeping those kinds of people at mace's length from me, and I will be using the Long Mace as the standard of measurement.

Anyway! Enjoy it while you can, folks, Zelse yet again proves he is capable of more than crying! Although crying is probably his greatest asset and his most dangerous weapon, it's always good to diversify. Then again, he's done this to me before—covered me in chocolate, that is, for an Easter many moons ago. Hence the name of this comic, wordplay on an old adage. The full title would go like this: "Cover me once, shame on you. Cover me twice, shame on me." Especially when I get thrown amidst a bunch of lusty hungry magesses and wizardesses.

Comic #347

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