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This one's a short one, at least compared to the really long ones I've been putting out of late. Spontaneous, too!

I put this comic together after learning that Saint Damien (who is a fellow guildmate of the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard) was having a birthday a day or so before Matrix Reloaded's release (which is on the 15th, right? I was told it'd be the 15th... Which is today ... or the day that this comic was posted for future reference), and decided to make a comic combining all of this!

So there you have it. Saint Damien's first debut in a Ragnarok Wisdom, on his birthday no less! Or somewhere around his birthday. Happy Somewhere Around Your Birthday, Saint Damien!

By the way, Saint Damien's babbling about his ability to fly isn't just a reference to Peter Pan! It's referring to the "Which Class Fits Your Personality" test in the Novice Castle that asks you at one point if "you could fly if you fell off [a cliff or building]." Apparently Acolytes and Mages drink a lot of Red Bull!

Comic #35

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