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It's about time I cameoed more of the characters from Myung-Jin Lee's Ragnarok graphic novels! Though I gotta say—it's odd how they've completely fallen to the wayside. See, when Ragnarok Online first launched in its Alpha stage, they were prominently featured in wallpapers and artwork on the site. RO was, basically, billed as a game set in their world, during their story. Some of the blurbs about various cities, for example, would mention bits related to the Ragnarok cast—I think I remember one bit from the RO Alpha site stating that Chaos entered some kind of swordsmanship tournament in ... was it Izlude or Prontera? I forget.

Anyways, now I think the only reference you'll find to these people on any of the RO official sites are in the server names.

I've been told this next part isn't quite true as far as iRO goes (when it comes to class composition), but I could swear differently. At the least, everyone views themselves as trans classes, and anyone who's not is a "nub." Aside from Lenz, there is one actual permathief I know of, a Lokite (ironically!) who's also level 99 and named Kiyome. Shoutouts are in order!



The third classes Rune Knight and Guillotine Cross do, at a glance, resemble both Chaos and Loki respectively. Actual colors and details (as you can see in the final panel) are different though.

Then again, the concept artwork I've found is still sketches of the classes, and they've been subject to change before—even AFTER being colored. For example, there's an old one of the Bard holding his lute like a machine gun, with a string of darts fed into it. Guess that's where Arrow Vulcan came from.

I have to wonder where this bit of news leaves Expanded classes (Ninja, Gunslinger, Supernovice) and the Taekwon branch. Maybe the decision to allow trans classes the ability to advance (and keep all their bonuses and skills) will be reversed, or changed. I dunno. What I DO know is that the opinions expressed on this panel are ALREADY taking shape—if you go third class from second, you're considered no better than a priest or wizard who job changed at job level 40 rather than going all the way to 50.

Comic #350

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