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I've had some fans ask me to do a comic about the Prontera armsmith—around the same time Sniff told me about this incident in iRO, and what came to mind afterwards. I wound up making a comic out of his tale.

Okay! Okay! I admit it! I didn't do that Kingdom of Loathing panel in MS Paint! I did it in Macromedia Flash! There was just no other way I could emulate Jick's stick figure style!

This Partner Machine is the same one I recently did a pic of, although she's depicted here with the color scheme her model type has in PSU.

Before Sega released EX Devices that allowed people to choose between specific Partner Machine model types, players in PSU got a specific model type by feeding them melee, ranged, or casting weapons ... or, armor and clothes/android parts.

Freakishly enough, at the start of PSU the cheapest way to raise a armor Partner Machine was to feed it android parts. We've been raising an army of cannibalistic Rozen Maidens!

And thus, you get to see ...


Now with a smoky BBQ-flavored aura of killing intent!

Or perhaps just an aura of vengeance in a manner not practiced by your typical assassin.

Comic #360

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