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So I was working on a comic for today when I learned something that I SHOULD have known about. Kind of like how I know about the birthdays of the RW cast yet I've gone and realized that, well, uh, I've not made any birthday boy comics of late. Oops. The event today—NASA's Phoenix Lander's chance to avenge the death of the 1999 Mars Polar Lander! I managed to catch the landing live! Although I regret not actually watching the landing on TV and instead using a streaming video service. The quality wasn't bad, it's just they added a streaming feed of their IRC chat ... so I had to endure chants of "DEATH TO AMERICA" and "burn the american flag!!!1" and other bigotry. At least watching the reactions of the NASA crew when the lander's safe ... landing ... was priceless. Wild cheering and hugging and smoking of cigars. Okay, not cigars, but they DID have ample reason to cheer, considering they landed a $420 million piece of equipment safely!

Comic #363

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