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So—recently, Sniff pointed me to the latest updates. Now, as I covered in a previous RW, trans classes can now advance to a third class, further widening the gap between a novice and a "fully developed" character rather than promoting diverse ways to play. Well, this new update reinforces that—there's a lot of trans class only equipment. Together with the fact that Thanatos Tower locks out anyone who isn't a trans class (above a certain floor), and now this—well, we're cynically waiting to hear of "trans class only" updates. Plucky permaclass people like Sniff and me—we expect this. We're not happy about it, but we do bring it on ourselves by not advancing. However, where does that leave the extended classes? Supernovices, ninjas, gunslingers, and the whole new Takewon branch ... Whole class categories of the game left behind because, like us, they're not invited to "the club." I don't like it. I'm worried about whether or not RO is going in the right direction. It would have been nice if they'd instead developed RO "horizontally" like Gravity originally planned, with more second classes rather than keep going up and up. Funny thing is, in Phantasy Star Universe, I've got Aragan the Acrotecher, who uses support and Light attack techs and any mace-like weapons I find. At present, this is limited to the (growing number of) frying pans in that game, which are all considered A-rank sabers, thus usable by Acrotechers (who are focused on support in the first place). Yet, the new frying pan in RO is now limited to transcended Acolyte classes. The irony makes me cry manly tears and laugh at the same time.

Comic #364

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