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Proof that I am cracked in the head.

That's what this comic is.

But who better to make the scapegoat of my crackheadedness than Lenz? Heheheh.


Truth be told though, Lenz WOULD probably come up with an idea like this.

For future reference and for non-RO/iRO players, Lenz is referring to here is the fifth year anniversary event iRO is currently holding for a month's worth of time; a party's going on at Hugel with a lot of games and chances to win some good stuff, like slotted elemental armor.

Also, for those who haven't read the characters page and haven't read the earlier RW comics—Suzuran Majere is really a guy. That's one reason why Lenz says what he says here, and the reason why Suzuran responded in this way.

Of course, that isn't going to stop Lenz!

You know, it's a good thing cards are a feature of the RO world and not the real one. Can you imagine biting into a piece of salmon fillet and finding a card inside? It'd be like a really weird Willy Wonka thing.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "But that would be awesome! Imagine the powers you could get from using those cards!" That's assuming you don't take a bite out of the card before you find it!

So anyway! Now that we're past the obligatory exposition panel, there's nothing really else to talk about. Except the birds and the bees ... Wait. No. Okay, this ends now. Happy Father's Day, everybody!

Comic #366

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