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It's been a while since we've seen Mark Van Exel in a Ragnarok Wisdom comic, and it might be—assuming my recollection of the past 345 RW comics is clear at the time of my writing this—the only time Mark Van Exel has appeared by himself in a comic.

... Well, no, there was the comic involving the rogue bots, but Talien showed up at the end. What kind of perverted mischef can he come up with on his own? Well ... maybe nothing in the strictly sexual peverse sense. Maaaybe.

In real life, MVE has been known to be ... "creative" with his ice spells, and he once boasted "You'd be surprised just *where* I can make an ice wall." What made that especially mind-breaking is that we were talking about the Sograt Desert, and how the more, shall we say, fanservicey female classes (female mages in particular, with the ongoing joke that they don't wear panties) keep sand out of ... well ... *ahem* ... Mark Van Exel's always good at breaking minds that way. Sometimes he has less naughty uses for his spells. Sometimes.

This would count as just such an occasion—trying to beat the sweltering summer heat with a giant block of ice ... buuut he probably should have remembered that making such a block of ice on the cliffs near Alberta is probably not a good idea. After all, it'll just float away!

Now I know that an iceberg would have a helluva lot more mass under the water and that it probably wouldn't be able to go anywhere if it's formed on a coastline, but—just bear with me here! Imagine that the cliffside where he's standing juts out over a adequately deep enough patch of water.

We don't really know how deep the water gets in the varying oceans and seas of Midgard, anyway! ... This, by the way, is why you do NOT play with icebergs near a major commercial port town, where tons of ships come and go. Well, if you're not looking to MVP ships, that is.

Comic #368

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