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I don't know who painted the dragon picture I've put in the background here. I wish I could cite these things, so I could at least give props to the artists.

Fun fact: I spent like two hours trying to figure out the name to the field at which the Creamies hang out. I thought it might have had a locale name like other fields do, such as the Sograt Desert fields around Morroc or the Mt. Mjolnir fields, or the El Mes/Elmeth Plateau fields around Juno. Whichever spelling they're using now.

Apparently the Creamy fields I'm thinking of don't actually have a name, though. When you check, it just says that you're in "Prontera Field." Go figure, huh?

Thus we have rare evidence that Novvy is capable of changing the shape and color of his eyes into yellow throwing stars! Stand back, people, he's going to shred evil with his stare!

That poring is first on the hit list.


Back in the day when this kind of thing was common, killing a looting monster full up on items would produce a solid mat of loot that'd fall to the floor.

It was pretty crazy.

Of course, back then you had to deal with ninja looters who'd come over and help themselves as you tried to pick them up.

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