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So, today was Lunaris' birthday, and Nth Power's is coming up pretty soon too.

It's kind of spooky to think back and realize that when I started Ragnarok Wisdom I wasn't even 20 yet, and neither was much of the cast.

Now we're all halfway through our 20's, pretty much.

Most of us are 24-25 right now.

That's a pretty scary thought, to think how much time's gone by!

Then you stop and realize that Ragnarok Online is still around, still being developed by Gravity, and isn't yet showing any signs of closure.

I wonder how long it'll hold out?

I mean, Ultima Online is still kicking, and that was where MMOs really took off.

Though I think there were some MMOs older than Ultima Online, but my point stands!

I really am forgetful about birthdays. It's one reason why there aren't regular celebrations of every cast member's birthday. I keep forgetting them.

Heck, I didn't even realize it was Lun and Nth's birthday time until they told me earlier today.

... Yes, the rest of the cast took revenge on me by stuffing me into a cake and then stuffing the cake into an oven.

... HEY! Get your minds out of the gutter! I didn't mean it like THAT!

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