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So ... In the middle of trying to get something ready for the sixth year anniversary of Ragnarok Wisdom, I'm informed that iRO will soon be getting the episode where Morroc is destroyed. It turns out that this is a global event. Originally the event of Satan Morroc's release was referred to as a "break in time," and there's apparently quests that have to be done before Satan Morroc is unleashed on the world of RO. Once it happens, a number of quests will no longer be doable. In particular, the unleashing of Satan Morroc makes the Dandelion quest moot, since that quest is apparently all about stopping the release of Satan Morroc in the first place. I'm not sure why Gravity KR calls him Satan Morroc—I don't know if that was his original name in the manwha, or if it's an invention by Gravity KR that'll get carried over to iRO. The Tokyopop translation of the Ragnarok graphic novels identified him as Surt, and Thanatos as "Tanat," however. That does beg the question as to whether or not we're actually fighting the Surt or if this is something else. That would be kind of a strange twist ... To find that something other than Surt got staled beneath Morroc. Or perhaps it's something like a portion of his power that broke through the seal a la Phantasy Star?

Comic #379

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