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Creative blocks can break in strange and sometimes wonderful ways! Whether or not this is wonderful or strange, I leave this to you to decide. It depends on how much strange you like in your morning coffee. In this case, it's a sad-but-true scenario, as you shall soon find out.

Well, it's nothing too bad, just that it makes web historians weep, or just the kind of people who like to dig into the internet's old places for interesting stuff. That's me, really.

Google 2001 is pretty crazy, though. Being able to see what the web was like before certain things made their appearance, and the state of things that were around at the time. Like, not just Ragnarok Online, but Wikipedia and Homestar Runner. To think, in 2001, Ragnarok Online was barely in its Alpha stage, and the franchise was mostly known for Myung-Jin Lee's graphic novels rather than the MMO based on them. Seven years changes things a helluva lot!

Comic #385

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