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So, earlier today, I did something I've only done twice with all the computers I've owned. (That's three, if you don't count the Commodore 64.) I cleaned out the dust in it. Backing up data (just in case something went wrong) took up most of the weekend, and I didn't get started on the outdoors dust blowing derby until the late afternoon. oy was a lot of dust flying! Maybe not as much as the first time I cleaned it—but there was still an explosion of dust once the Shop-Vac was turned on it. Scary how much computers can store dust before they visibly start to show signs of serious dust clogging. My computer certainly didn't look bad from either the inside or outside—but recently the computer's been abnormally heating up, which was caused by too much dust. It gave me the idea for this comic though—there are computers of a fashion in RO, after all! There's one you have to brute-force the password to in an Einbroch quest, which is this one.

Comic #387

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