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I don't know whether or not the other official Ragnarok Online servers (kRO, jRO and the like) are doing what iRO is currently doing. See, this year, they've set up a sort of "obstacle course." You can get teleported into an alternate Payon which is filled with nothing but undead. You are stripped of your armor and your weapons (except in a few rare cases). You also are reduced to something like 10-30 health.
You are given the task of getting out alive. You can't fight the ghouls either, no skills are allowed.
You're basically reduced to a 1/1 novice, practically (though it's simulated, you don't actually BECOME a novice, as far as I understand).

If you can get through it all, you can earn a ticket. If you earn 200 tickets, you can exchange it for an Old Card Album. (I'm not sure if there's other prizes, but I think that's the one that bears the most mentioning).
The ever-present internet demon, lag, has been making that quest a living hell for more than a few people playing.
So let's review—an event where you can earn tickets to exchange for items, escaping the undead, and the quest can be really irritating.

I think our short-lived friend from the anniversary festival, Troy, is back from the dead!

Comic #388

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