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I never thought I'd see this stuff in style ever again. Seriously, how many years has it been since I've seen an OC/DC merchant or a warp selling cleric? Everyone in iRO Chaos makes extensive use of the Kafra teleporting services, and no one's made a living off of selling warps for ... jeez, I don't know. 2005? 2006? iRO Valkyrie has a few limitations that regular main servers don't have, the most notable (for me) being the lack of Kafra warps. Oh sure, there's still some around, but not like on your typical (legit) server. Early on, I've heard iRO vets saying that being forced to walk was an interesting change of pace, making them rediscover old places. It's true, it does! Unfortunately, you gotta deal with this, too. Thankfully, from what I can tell, most of the dead branching is fairly contained. Over the years, and as opportunities to grief were taken away from lamers, dead branch spamming became isolated to South Prontera. Problem is, you can't Kafra warp around in Valkyrie except in a few cases—making walking through South Prontera more of a necessity. Considering the increased loss of EXP as a penalty for death as well as what the comic just explained ... Dead branches're more of a menace now. Valkyrie's maturing quick, though. There's already a number of trans classers.

Comic #392

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