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You know, this hasn't actually happened to me YET at the time of this writing—but I'm pretty sure it will, one day. One day, I'll forget. And then this comic will be reality.

For the people who've been playing RO since its open betas, the Christmas event has a real sense of nostalgia. Mostly because of the colorful Engrish that its GMs of the time gave us, heh.

If you ever see my fellow former Prontera Parish member and webcomic author Sir Hawkeye, ask him about some of the things GOD-POING said during those days. GOD-POING's grasp of English improved over time—and according to Suzuran Majere, she's now hardly discernible from your average Californian—but at the time, wow.

Some of the folks who've played from that time say that the Engrish should've been left in the game for its humor value. On one hand, I think that'd be great, but on the other hand, new players wouldn't get it.

I say we can meet half way on this issue, and then stop at the nearest roadhouse for some trucker's chow!

Maybe some day they can bring back the real Engrishy text for April Fool's!

The level requirement to do the Satan Morroc quests (85) is slightly disappointing. Why's that? Because I don't get to have Novvy the Novice do a legendary suicide run against Satan Morroc, jellopy-knife in hand. Tis but a slight disappointment, I assure you! Onomatopoeia is a word that has always given me a world of trouble. I can never seem to remember how to spell this word correctly. It makes me want to spasmsifuhdwi2

Comic #397

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