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Well, the ice cream event's now over, but I figured, hey, why not?

After all, there's still ice cream out there.

I think.

Some people probably still have some ice cream left over.

Although, that does raise an odd question.

Why is ice cream so rare in Rune-Midgard that the only time people can get their hands on it is a single summer event that happens once?

I mean, we've got water, air, and sugar.

We ought to be able to make and eat ice cream anytime we want.

Well, it's true that as a video game, a lot of things are assumed or hidden "behind the black."

There's probably ice cream out there in Rune-Midgard, just not any that we can enjoy when we want while we're playing.

Ore maybe that's not the issue at hand here.

Maybe the ice cream is unique from normal ice cream.

After all, this ice cream never melts, even when it's been stuffed into a Kafra's pocket dimension.

Or better yet, it never melts even while you're carrying it around with you.

You could probably hold onto it for years and never eat it, but it'd be just as good no matter when you decided to eat it.

Oh, and then there's the special effect of this ice cream.

I forget the exact mechanics behind this.

Like, how much ice cream you have to eat before this effect triggers, or if it's always at a random chance.

Either way, can you imagine how much that would hurt to have happen to you in real life?

Say what you will about brain freeze, but your typical ice cream is never this potent.

Not even that orange slurpee from The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

Comic #40

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