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I'm used to the way most MMORPGs have long periods between content updates. And I'm aware of the financial reasons why, for years, iRO lagged behind other legit servers in contents. That's changed, now—but seeing this, another major update not even a month after the previous one?

That's unprecedented for iRO. Especially in this economy. Consider that even as iRO is doing this, Tabula Rasa's shutting down in February because they just couldn't keep up financially.

I have to wonder if Valkyrie brought that much income to iRO that they could afford getting the next episode segment so quickly? Well, who knows! Either way, the news is a real surprise either way. When you think about it, Moscovia's kind of a black sheep among the World Project cities.

Well ... hm. Maybe more of a gray sheep. Oh, look! It's Ifrit again! Say hi to Ifrit, everybody! Just don't shake hands with him.

Comic #404

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