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Hoo boy. To say the least, folks, this year has not gotten off to a good start on a personal level. I've learned a hard lesson; just because a program isn't a virus does not mean that you should trust the programmer to be competent enough to write their program in such a way that won't seriously screw over your computer. I've also learned another hard lesson: It's actually very easy to damage your computer's hardware from corrupted files in your operating system. Something I didn't think was easy to do. The two lessons are related, by the way. For those just tuning in, I'd been experimenting with a decade-old game that still ranks as one of my all-tme favorites. Its textures are in a format that practically no image editing program can read (Phoenix Bitmap). Fans of this game have written their own tools for the job of converting them to a readable format, among other usual file extraction stuff. Problem is, the person who wrote the bitmap conversion program (called the Anzac BMP Converter) ... didn't write it very well. It corrupts vital .dll files in Windows, and tries to overwrite a number of system files (which can be blocked, thankfully). I didn't realize the full extent of what this program did until I had seen a post by another person in the fan community. By then, though, it was too late. Soon after, my wireless PCI card—which has a habit of spontaneously freezing the computer—
decided to freeze. Upon restarting the computer, the damage had been done; Windows was corrupted, and the computer was very slow to boot, totally not its normal behavior. Moral of the story: Don't just keep an eye out for trojans, keyloggers, and virii. A badly-written program can ruin your day just as well. This escapade is the reason why RW was so late this week (alongside having my backup USB drive fail on me at the same time, requiring an emergency backup). Really ironic that it happened during Mr. Alt-Tabber's birthday.

Comic #405

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