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As of this update, I still haven't managed to get my main computer back up and running; college has taken the brunt of my time. That's aggravated by the fact that, well ... this laptop I'm using right now?

I've learned an object lesson in how RAM—or rather, lack of it—affects performance of a computer. Mind you, this laptop wasn't originally mine. The previous owner gave it to me after they'd all but thrown it away, not using it for a year or so. Even so, this thing has only 128 MB of RAM, and it came standard with Windows XP. That is not enough RAM to comfortably run Windows XP, much less do the kind of things I do.

Thus, I have to deal with the laptop going through a lot of catatonic fits, and what might have only taken me a few hours to do on my desktop computer can take a whole day. I really hope to get my desktop fixed sometime in February, but I'm also looking into upgrading the RAM on this laptop; its a real shame that you can't just find the RAM this thing needs in a local store, though ... Did I mention all that last update? I think I did. I'm still lost in the woods here. Meanwhile, on RO, I've heard that the whole "Year of the Ox" celebration is pretty close in mechanics to the previous events of this type, save for the addition of collecting Ox Tokens for EXP.

Comic #406

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