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I really don't know much about the whole Unix time thing; I stumbled across this on while researching (I tend to get sidetracked ... a lot. Heh).

I'm a stickler for unique dates on a calendar. I admit it. I'm also not really up to doing yet another Valentine's Day comic this year, and considering I thought something up for this day and not Valentine's, I thought, hey, why not?

I employed the use of some online ASCII art generators for this comic; the panel you see here, I actually painted all that in the GIMP. Then I converted the base picture to ASCII, then shrunk it down to size in the GIMP once again.
This guy here, though? He's from clip art—but I ran the clip art through several ASCII generators with varying character widths to give him a more, say ... Matrix-y digital look.

Like he's not really there, and yet he is, and holy crap he's wrecking the city.

Maybe I summoned one of those Dinosaur Comics guys?

Comic #409

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