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This idea came out of nowhere to me early on the morning of Mother's Day. I'm really not sure what caused me to think of this!

Maybe it's all the rain we've been getting out here in Texas. Ever since the snow we had at the start of spring, the weather out here has been awful and predictable. It always rains hard, often with thunderstorms, every weekend. Without fail. Which sucks if you want to go anywhere and have to contend with the severe weather! Seriously, though, it might be all that mud that made me think of this.

We're finally getting to see El Blargo in a comic again. There's an ulterior motive here ... somewhere ... in El Blargo's "assistance" with Lenz's Mother's Day problem. Maybe he expects Lenz's mom to use the Mi Gaos as the basis for magic earthenware for his home. I mean, he's practically a human kiln in his own right. (Or is that klin? I can never spell that word right. I keep thinking of "kilt," which, if you think about it, is kind of disturbing to correlate with an oven. Packing broilers under the skirt. No good can come of this, I tell you.)

Speaking of people we haven't seen around much, it's Rudolph Ravioli! I don't know why he thinks a segway is his mother, but then he IS the "Master of Random."

Comic #421

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