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Speaking of people that we haven't seen in a while, here's Tristan Aileron!

Or—wait, no, he's a bit farther down.

No, a little farther. There's his spiky head.

Not a whole lot to say, though; still haven't managed to revive my desktop computer.

Maybe that's what Nth Power is really doing in this comic?

Taking it upon himself to try and revive my computer ... by turning it into a time machine.

Or maybe send me back in time to stop the desktop computer from even crashing like it did!

You know, fun fact: Originally there was going to be a Fortune Teller class in Ragnarok Online. It was going to be the third class for Dancers (mind you, this was back in 2003ish, with the original class tree). I don't know whether or not Gypsies or the new system's third class are meant to fill in for the original concept, but I don't think so; everything's different.

Oh, and Nth Power is not implying that Tristan doesn't wear underwear here.

He's implying something completely different. Just what is he implying?

... Well, I'll leave that part up to your imagination. I just had to make sure the imagination doesn't wander into strange territories!

(Not like the territory is already strange, but—well. You guys get the idea, right?)

... And as you can see! This comic is actually kind of like a lead-in for #400. Nth Power screwed with time so hard that he turned the last comic into a temporal rift! Who knows what else might happen?! He sure doesn't!

Comic #423

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