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I think this is gonna be one of those comics that's kind of a generational gap thing. Remember when I last did a comic about TV news stations that broadcast a "test card screen" at night when there's no more programming—and how after I finished the comic I found out that ... well ... almost no one does that anymore?

This is kind of the same thing, I think. Or, maybe it's not. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I got the idea from this by reading TV Tropes. They've got a few pages over there that talk about two seperate books Neuromancer and Neverwhere, both of which describe the sky in certain parts as "like a dead TV channel." Except that in Neuromancer, it's meant to mean that the sky is a grey overcast ... and in Neverwhere, it's meant to say that the sky is pure blue (as a prodding nod to Neuromancer). Why the difference? Older TVs, which were built to receive signals from TV stations broadcasting with analog signals—display static when they're not receiving any kind of signal at all—or if they are, but the signal is too weak for the picture to show clearly. Newer TVs don't do that. They just display a blue or black screen if there's no signal. So in Neuromancer, the analogy to a TV screen backfired when new TVs no longer displayed something like an overcast, but a clear blue sky. (Or a clear night time sky, I suppose!)

Well, back on the 13th of this month, the U.S. finally shut down all analog TV stations, going full digital instead; you have to use a conversion box for older TVs if you still want to use them. I hadn't thought about doing a comic for it, but it is a pretty big event in the history of television, and I thought this might be a faster comic to do than the other ideas I have lined up (oh, the irony!) ... See, all we need now is a montage of this happening across the globe while Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" plays. Or we can have Rudolph Ravioli sing it while his face appears on every analog TV screen in the world.

Comic #425

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