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I went back in time to finish this comic! How did I do it? Well, I uh ... um ... I used the power of technobabble on Nth Power's disastrous experiment back in #401!

That was mainly accomplished by throwing Star Trek books at the rift until it was stable enough to do things llike grocery shopping two thousand years ago and finishing comics on time.

Gotta get that barley while it's fresh, you know!

I WILL attest that the people you see dying horribly here are not actually anyone in Ragnarok Wisdom. Just your generic victims ... well ... can you really call them victims if they enjoy horrible death so much? Especially when people kill themselves to travel in RO ... I'm suddenly reminded of Anarchy Online. They actually provided in-game justification for the whole "dying and respawning" thing, in that Rubi-ka is the only place in the universe where, as they advertised it, "Death Isn't Fatal."

Comic #428

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