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I know this freaking thing still has to be there, because they don't do a lot of changes to maps (save for monster placement and such). Has anyone else been to the Payon Caves and heard this? It used to drive me NUTS! A freaking donkey that kept heeing and hawing over and over! Like some Energizer Bunny! Only a donkey! What's worse, the donkey was hidden, or invisible! If you haven't heard it, it's probably still down there, in the "abandoned village" layer of the Payon Caves, right before you fight Moonlight. There's a bunch of background sounds in weird-ass places in Ragnarok Online, but I think the endlessly neighing donkey takes the cake.

It's like ... the poltergeist or ghost of a donkey that is doomed for all eternity to hee and haw at everything that passes by. Or maybe it's just jealous of the living and seeks to exact revenge by driving mortal men insane with its endless ... um ... what IS the correct word to describe a donkey's heeing and hawing? Saying "heeing and hawing" over and over gets kinda tiresome.


I honestly can't blame Gut Funk for expanding his head in sheer terror over hearing the sound. Or just ... the state of being pushed over the fine edge of sanity, such that your blood pressure skyrockets, causing your body to expand in order to compensate! ... Yeah, I just totally made a bunch of physicists and physicians cry with that one. It's okay, dudes. Here, have a free caves-clearing explosion courtesy of
Gut Funk.

Everything's better with boomies!

Comic #430

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