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I wasn't actually expecting to do a comic today, 'till Gut Funk told me what day it was. July 8, 2009. Seven eight nine. Given my unhealthy fascination with once-in-a-millennium special dates, I couldn't help but want to do a comic for this!

This is what fell out of my head, and boy do I mean "fell out of my head!" I made brainomeletes. It hurt! Of course, the miserable pile of secrets nonsense that is this comic could also have been induced by the fact that my air conditioning has failed me in the middle of a Texas summer, and I'm feeling a little off my rocker as I wait for AC repair to come and keep me from becoming steamed chicken.

I shoulda put in a mind-bending background like the Stream of Time sequence in the SNES version of Tales of Phantasia here. I don't think the Playstation or other ports/remakes of ToP have that same stream of time look, where it's an endless plain of storms and raging rivers. It looked eerie! Especially with that music.

I decided to leave Kawaii-chan's chronovore companions as silhouettes. Can you guess who they are? I know the people who read this comic are fans of both their series! I'll give you a hint, though; they're both females who, in some form or fashion or another, are capable of eating time itself. Personally, I think Kawaii-chan eating today and learning how to devour time in general is a better doom than what Gut Funk suggested for today—having Kawaii-chan eat the entire RW cast. Unless she ate enough porings to turn herself into a living inflatable castle, it would be a Bad End for sure!

Comic #431

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