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As punishment for a few days ago, I have ordered Gut Funk to the disco chamber! ... Er, wait. Gut Funk would probably gain strength from such a punishment! Just like if you manage to strap one of those rainbow afro wigs onto his head. He starts shooting out these rainbows of mass destruction while funk music plays. It's a wonderful sight, if not highly dangerous and somewhat disturbing! ... Though I suppose that opening the door to your bathroom to find Gut Funk staring at you with a bewildered expression—staring at you while poking out of your toilet, no less—would be far more disturbing. For Gut's sake, I—er, well. Let's not think about that!

In the interest of background "behind the curtain, not just the scenes" information, here's some history! Gut Funk's fear of Star-kun is an old in-joke from the Prontera Parish. See, there's this flash movie of a kitten singing Wind Nocturne from the game Lunar SSSC. After seeing it, Gut Funk sung the last line ("Is my star to come?") and another Parishoner posed a giant star coming to Gut Funk while yelling "I'M HERE FOR YOU GUT-KUN~!" Gut Funk's reaction was to scream and explode right on the spot. Now he explodes when he's scared or confused! LESSON OVER, CHILLUNS

Comic #432

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