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You know, the more I look at the way I drew this first panel, the more Nth Power comes off as having flipped his lid completely, going from Mad Alchemist to Serial Killer. I mean, look at him. Imagine him with Hannibal Lecter's voice. ... Yeah, see what I mean? "I got you this present, Clarice ..."

I totally didn't mean to do that, Nth. We all know you prefer zanier methods of carnage! Like stuffing catgirls into duffel bags and beating them with a stick.

If you're looking at this comic and you notice that the spear doesn't look anything like a spear you'd normally see in Ragnarok Online, that's your first clue!

... Clue of what, exactly? Well, you're about to find out!

... Now, how would Lunaris know that it's a common spear if it doesn't look like any spear in RO? Well, uh ... ... It's a level 1 weapon with the same character level requirement as a novice's spear? After playing Team Fortress 2, weapon levels in RO feel like they need to be zanier. Who wouldn't want a level 99 sword? I would!

All I can say about this next part is, Nth Power sooo had it coming to him!

Well ... you'll see. You'll be wondering, "gee! what kind of cake would Nth Power not want to have!" There are many. Most of which were his own recipes—but this one in particular is bad for your health! It kinda reminds me of this griefing that was going on in Phantasy Star Universe. "Cakebombing." Where people killed themselves by eating deadly cake to screw up someone else's ranking. Poor Gut Funk, the rest of CoRM is weaponizing him!

Comic #438

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