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Wow. The things that happen in a week! This whole uprising over the free halo hat in TF2 has been bizarre. It's turned into a vicious cycle among the community: The people who used third-party programs to get hats are furious at Valve for changing their policy against using idlebots for random drop items. They take it out on the honest players who wear the halos, and the honest players taunt them back. I've heard some servers will ban you if you have the halo at all (or if you don't)! This Healers Against Halos thing, by the way, is real—but it was orchestrated by a troll. However, I'm sure that the people who joined that group sincerely did junk like this. Trolls are only successful, because there's always people who're actually sincere in their actions! This last panel is based on an encounter in a server with a custom abilities mod for each class. A Pyro was using this Solid Snake-like barrel ambush skill while wearing the halo hat, only his hat read (birch tree) instead.

Comic #439

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