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So here we are, on the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth year of the second millenium! To think, I wouldn't have known what to do for this day if it wasn't for the fact that I'm surrounded by Touhou fans. I mean it, literally! Like half the CoRM cast are really into the Touhou series, to say nothing of people in the RW community.

I gotta admit, it's an amazing feat for independent gaming. A single guy doing all the programming, all the art, and all the music ... and not only that, but series has plenty of hooks to draw people in—it's not just for shmup fans anymore! Well, I don't think it ever was, considering how Touhou attracts a lot of fans of ZUN's music as well as his characters, but you get the point.

For those who've got no idea what Touhou is—it's a series of games, mainly shoot 'em ups, that emphasize "Bullet Hell" (which the Japanese call "danmaku"). It's set in a sealed-off portion of Japan that's become a refuge for supernatural creatures of all stripes. That's why Zelse and Talien are in Amatsu, as opposed to being somewhere else where you'd usually see icepick users making the most of their tool (which, as of this update, includes the Ice Caverns as Zelse mentioned)—the whole Japanese angle.

Now, as for this chick—this is the whole reason why I decided to reference Touhou today! Meet Cirno, a small-fry character with a massive fan following. She's associated with the number nine because, in one Touhou game's manual, she appeared on a picture of the game in action, listed along with the rest of the screen elements. She was ninth on the list, labeled as "idiot." So 09/09/09 09:09 was declared the ultimate moment of Cirnoness by the Touhou fandom. Though given Japan is GMT +9(!), it would have been yesterday going by Japanese time. I still opted to update during my time zone, though. Maybe that's why I'm feeling funny at the moment. Vacant-headed ...

Comic #440

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