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Still milking the whole explosion of drama from Team Fortress 2. That cow's still got a bit of milk left in her! You gotta be careful where you go and where you wear your Cheater's Lament, if you play TF2 and you happen to have it. I've been hearing horror stories from people in the RW fan community about the mistreatment they get just for wearing it. I'm guessing the idlers who do that to halo-wearers all think they're rubbing it in their faces, like with this comic. Still, I suppose it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to see drama like that happen in an MMO ... though you'd think we, as MMO players, would be a bit more desensitized to it. Then again, I used to think that people wouldn't really go as far as to demand companies treat cheaters fairly and apologize for punishing cheaters. Even if Healers Against Halos was a troll job, plenty of people joined it wanting Valve to apologize for releasing the halos ... and that's scary!

Comic #441

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