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Marky Mark, here, he'll never learn.

It's never a good idea to brag about how awesome you are!

It's the whole reason why the concept of hubris exists!

Just as there's always a bigger fish in the sea, there's always, ALWAYS a deeper freeze in the ... uh ... freezer?

Though I will admit, getting out-frozen by a certain ice fairy has to be pretty humiliating if you're of a certain class that's typically regarded for having high intelligence, while she is known amongst the fandom as being rather lacking in the ol' brainmeats.

On the other hand, he's the one with the wind spells, so it's not like he's completely outclassed! He's just a dual element specialist. In the case of Ragnarok Online, that'd give him a pretty deadly counter to Cirno. Wind does extra damage to Water!

I sense much pain for Cirno! ... If only Mark could use those spells at the moment.

Comic #442

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