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So, here's the deal. The day that I was working on the Halloween comic, I was planning on having the RW cast wearing costume again, like some of the previous Halloween comics. So I went around polling the cast as to what they'd want to wear for Halloween. Corigan never got back to me (again)! So, I went with this plan instead. This is what Lunaris wanted to go as for Halloween—the Team Fortress 2 Heavy Weapons Guy. Although he didn't specify this, he likes BLU over RED. So I figured, why not make him a BLU heavy? He probably would blow me up with a rocket launcher if I tried to portray him as RED anyhow!

You get to see my awesome beige pajamas! I dunno about the rest of the world, but I'm not too comfortable sleeping in the buff. How is Blessing or Angelus supposed to make you feel comfortable while hitting the hay?! Also, the other kind of buff isn't very comfortable to me, either. I prefer sleeping in a night shirt and shorts.

Ahem! I was actually kind of hoping that Daylight Savings Time would have allowed for an extra hour of Halloween this year, but I'd forgotten about when it the magic hour actually took place. Oh, and the other thing I forgot—Canada and the U.S. (and I think Mexico, not sure) all agreed upon a new Daylight Savings Time ... er ... time ... back in 2007—so our time is different than, say, when the Europeans do it. And the rest of the world, I wager. I personally find the whole thing kind of odd, but hey, that's what we get for living on a world somebody knocked over a few billion years ago! (It was probably Lunaris in a time machine, the nutter.)

Comic #448

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